Member management made easy

Attract and retain more members with a modern, easy-to-use membership management system.

Flexible and deeply integrated memberships

Configure your memberships to match the unique qualities of your organization. Communal automatically integrates them throughout your programs and facilities to create a unified experience.

  • Member prices for programs
  • Member only rentals
  • Waiver integration
  • Unlimited membership tiers
  • Rolling vs. fixed renewals

Automate your memberships

Increase your revenue with memberships that can automatically renew upon expiration. Communal can notify users leading up to and upon expiration to ensure that your members are retained.

  • Automated renewal and expiration emails
  • Create rolling or specific end date memberships

Automatic region detection

Need to only show certain memberships to users who live in a specific area? We created our Boundaries feature to allow you to only show a membership when the user resides in a given geographic area.

Engage your members

Target custom audience groups depending on their membership status or program participation. Need to be more specific? Leverage Communal's tagging feature to create mailing lists.

  • Branded emails
  • Create rich-text content
  • Email analytics

Maximize efficiency, increase revenues, and focus on your mission.

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