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Communal offers a full stack of solutions to help you manage your memberships, programs, events, emails, facility rentals, and volunteers.


Attract, engage and retain your members using our membership management solution. We start by simplifying your application process so it is easy for your neighbours to purchase their memberships online. We also automate the renewal process so you don't have to spend time reminding your members to buy again.

Programs & Events

Our user-friendly solution offers you full control to create your programs and events online. Collect payment instantly by credit card or manually offline. Don't forget to leverage special member-only rates to help grow your membership sales.

Facility Rentals

Say goodbye to manual calendars and double-bookings, it is time to bring your facilities online. From boardrooms to tennis courts, we ensure you are capturing the right information for each space. Allow for online payments or review the booking and invoice at a later time. Either way, we will find a solution that fits your process.


Engaging your members has never been easier. Our notification center allows you to target specific groups or users with custom branded emails. Whether it is an automatic reminder to renew a membership or a manual campaign to remind past members of your services, we will help get your message to the right people.

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